About Us

About Us

About Precision BuildingsAt Precision Buildings, we pride ourselves at delivering great service and products at the lowest, "spec-for-spec", cost.  Precision Buildings is a Colorado company offering high quality steel buildings at affordable prices.  With over 20 years in business our management is experienced in every stage of the building process from building selection and manufacturing, to site preparation and erection.  We are experts at in providing everything necessary for the construction of a high quality low cost steel building.
Our steel buildings are engineered and designed to provide the highest standards for warehouses, workshops, homes, hangers, grow houses and more.  Virtually any building that can be made with wood or stone can be made better with Steel.  Our galleries offer several examples of steel buildings for residential, commercial and mixed uses.

Our Steel Buildings are made by the top manufacturers in North America creating some of the finest and most efficient buildings available.  We offer a wide range of innovative products and structural systems to make sure we can meet or exceed all building needs.

At Precision Buildings, we believe that sound principles, values and ethics enable success.  We are committed to providing the best products and services at fair prices to every one of our Customers.  Precision Buildings is excited to work with you make your next metal building project a reality.

Potential customers are welcome to call anytime, or submit building requirements by using our on-line form for even faster service.

Contact us today to find out more about our commitment to service and efforts to Go Green in Colorado!  We will provide you with sound advice and free quotes.