Steel Garage

Steel Garage

Steel GarageA Steel garage is a steel structure with walls and a roof that has one or more access doors, or “garage doors”, large enough to accommodate vehicles. They provide vehicle storage, protection and security. They have many other uses as well, including painting, wood-working and mechanical repairs or maintenance. An advantage of a steel garage is that it can easily be adapted to any type of use.

A steel garage can be attached to a home as an “attached garage” or it can be a stand-alone structure or “detached garage”. Attached garages usually have an access or “entry” door leading into the home. Garages usually hold one or two cars but a steel can be made to accommodate any number of cars. This can be done at the time of the original erection or as a modification at any time. An advantage of a steel garage is that they can be either attached or detached with exteriors matching any type and style of the home and they can be made or changed as needed.

Entry doors commonly have a step-up to the home, as home floors are made slightly higher than garage floors, providing protection against elements such as water and vehicle emissions. Other safety features include multiple overhead doors and exhaust fans for painting and mechanical work. Windows for ventilation, as well as natural light, can be installed virtually anywhere is a steel garage. Many sizes and types of doors and windows are available for garages made with steel providing another clear advantage over conventional construction.

Overhead, or garage doors, are an essential part of any steel garage. Types of doors include roll-up doors, sliding doors, swinging doors, folding doors and even doors made of fabrics such as rubber and plastic. Garage buildings which made with steel are adaptable to any type of overhead or garage door.

Insulating a  garage made with steel helps stabilize the interior temperature and prevents moisture. Moisture allows mildew and mold to grow, and can cause building rust and corrosion. Insulation can be easily installed over steel framing to provide continuous coverage conserving energy and preventing moisture between the framing and the exterior roof and wall panels.

Garages are useful for any homeowner or small business and advantages of a steel garage over a conventionally constructed garage are abundant.