Steel Sheds

Steel Sheds

Steel Storage buildings

Steel sheds are simple roofed and walled structures that can be used for any conceivable purpose including storage, shelter and hobbies. Steel Sheds are sheds that are made from steel. Steel is used to create a metal sheathing attached to a metal frame. Steel sheds have many advantages over other types of shed construction.

Steel sheds are easy to design. They can be made in any size, shape or layout. Most manufacturers offer pre-engineered steel buildings. A pre-engineered steel buildingis a package of building components and fasteners that allow for a specifically designed building to be assembled on-site.

Steel sheds are easy to acquire. Precision Buildings LLC can assist in the design of any steel shed or building. Once a steel shed has been designed and approved the manufacturing can begin. Depending on the design requirements this process can be as little as a week or more than several months. Once manufacturing is complete the building can be shipped as a “package” (Pre-Engineered Building) anywhere, including a contractor’s storage yard or the actual building site.

Steel sheds are easy to build. To erect a steel shed the builder must address certain building phases dealing with permitting, foundation, erection, plumbing and electricity. A great advantage of a pre-engineered steel building is that each of these phases is easily addressed and evaluated given the knowledge of knowing exactly what is going to be built. Precision Buildings’ assists with each of these phases and in certain cases may even manage the overall process.

Steel sheds can be used for anything. The uses of a shed are endless. Some are used as simply storage facilities while others are used as homes or even laboratories. Here are some interesting uses that Precision Buildings LLC has discovered:

  • Studios. Whether you’re into art, dance or jew jitsu a studio can be the answer.
  • Spa. Why not put your Jacuzzi, sauna or massage table in one useful place?
  • Bar. Private bars can be a fun way to meet or entertain your neighbors.
  • Office. Cut the commute by walking out back to your office “shed”.
  • Grow House. Check your state law first to make sure what you’re growing is legal.